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Friday, September 21, 2007

Three faces are better than two


Valeriannah said...

Cool idea! I like it. Only three faces eh?

Rrramone said...

hey, I know those dudes! ;-)

Please send me a sliver of your brain.

Paul Conway said...

hey cool stuff the finish of your work is nice but i really like your ideas !! if u ever want to colaberate give me a shout



Tony LaRocca said...

Ah, but what happens if he drops one? :)

Prozacville said...

U r the gr8tits.

I'm kinda getting into this yoof-patois.

platinum blonde said...

you have a wonderful style, love those faces!!!

one girl show

Prozacville said...

How come all the 'chicks' visit your site?


R@m said...

Dear cowboy dog;
i chek ur blog sometimes .
congrajulation its so nice .
im from Iran(asia) .
can i use some of these pics in my monthly magzine ??(estabilished in my university)

Ellen said...

GREAT idea!