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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sometimes a change is not as good as a rest.

When you know you don't belong.


Anonymous said...

oi, moosh on string,
this is different
to your usual-don't you agree?
are you paradigm shifting?
oops soz about spelling
I'll sign anonymously
my spelling is unsettling

ta ta

baggelboy said...

I was/am drunk.
Its like something like that.

Marco Antonio Sepúlveda said...

Me gustan tus dibujos por que tienen su propia personalidad.
El cambio de tu dibujo probablemente sea al más humanao.

Lady Guedes said...

Even when trying some change, you are still the best! Tks for the nicest comment.

Tiger Mouse said...

I love the style of your drawing. Those nasty smarmy angels...

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

somehow you create this world that I only know exists when I see your work. Your titles of your pieces as as surreal as your work. Excellent!

Chickengirl said...

hahah yes. You have an interesting view of the world.

Your comments are always the funniest..I think we share the same kind of humor.